Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Zauj..

My zauj is waiting for me,
Just as I am waiting for him.
My zauj preserves himself & lowers his gaze
Till he meets me & be amazed.
My zauj speaks gently
and advises much.
My zauj restricts his dating-fun
Till he meets me, his beloved one.
My zauj fears Allah
and never miss prayers.
My zauj cries over his past sins at night
Till I come by & make him feel light.
My zauj loves the Prophet
and tries to emulate him.
My zauj will take my breath away
in real life, just as in my dream.
My zauj never forgets his siwak
and tries to always have wudhu’.
My zauj treats the sunnah as wajib
& leaves the subha for fear of making a slip.
My zauj will be shy
when we finally meet.
And make me blush
& I’ll stare at my feet.
My zauj will love me for my efforts today
and forget my past as I forget his.
My zauj & I will build a bond
with parents’ blessings, 2 rings, & our first kiss.
My zauj will whisper sweet words to me
that has never been heard by another girl before.
My zauj & I will create memories
of jemaah prayers, qiyamulail, & more.
My zauj will read the Qur’an to me when I am down
& I will read to him when he asks me to.
My zauj, my Imam, in this life & the next,
Do you know that I am missing you?
My zauj will understand my dreams & goals
and will support me in my quest for ma’rifatulLah
My zauj does not distract & obstruct me
but increases my love for the Prophet & Allah.
My zauj will always greet me with a smile
even if he’s had a bad day at the office.
And I in turn will adorn myself & wait at the door
smelling nice & looking good & ready with a kiss.
My zauj will share with me his deepest secrets,
his many dreams & biggest fears.
I will be his wife & best friend,
his comforter, his recharge & wiper of tears.
My zauj & I will take turns
to wake the other up for tahajjud.
My zauj will still call me gorgeous
when I’m not looking too good.
My zauj will never raise his voice at me
but advise & admonish me firmly.
My zauj will know I cry easily
and will cry with me or wipe my tears for me.
My dear zauj, I hope you know I’ll always need you
despite my notorious independent streak.
This girl will love you more than all her books
that has made her into this geek.
My zauj will love my parents as if they were his
and I will care for his parents like they were mine.
My zauj reads widely, thinks deeply & prepares for the next Life
but never neglects me in his dua, like he is always in mine.
My zauj is waiting for me,
just as I am waiting for him…

p/s: my zauj, whoever you are.. I Love you because of Allah..^^

sebutir air mata yang jatuh kerana keinsafan adalah lebih baik daripada sejuta mutiara di dasar lautan, sejernih wajah kerana wudhu yang sempurna adalah lebih bercahaya daripada kilauan segunung emas permata, sesuci hati kerana cinta ILAHI itulah hakikat cinta yang abadi..